Nissan Presents Candid Cargo: Real Drivers Praising the NV200

Have you had a chance to see the Nissan NV200 cargo van up close yet? If you're a small business owner, someone who needs a van for work or just someone looking for a vehicle with some serious utility, the NV200 is impressive to say the least.

Knowing that word of mouth sells like nothing else, Nissan has created a new series of ads called Candid Cargo -- a fun play on the old show Candid Camera. And just as the name suggests, Nissan films real drivers by using hidden cameras in order to ensure their reactions to the NV200 are genuine.

So how does Nissan lure in the unsuspecting drivers, then? Well it's actually quite simple. The "host" of Candid Cargo pretends to be a homeowner who has accidentally locked himself out of his house, while the driver of the competing cargo van is a specialist who has been called over to their house. The "homeowner" explains the situation, saying that his wife will be home soon to let them in...but in the meantime, why not take a look at his nice NV200?

We have to say that the ad is both informative and kind of entertaining. After all, what hidden camera show wouldn't be complete without the surprise ambush at the end by the camera crew?

Of course, if you're more interested in getting behind the wheel of the Nissan NV200 than you are watching others talk about it, we can easily arrange a test drive for you today. Fort Worth Nissan is located conveniently at 3451 West Loop 820 S. Fort Worth, TX, and our staff would love to set you up behind the wheel.

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