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Nissan of Fort Worth has satisfied customers from Arlington, Haltom City, Benbrook, Richland Hills and even as far as Midland, Tx... With a commitment to customer service and pricing to fit every ones budget, Fort Worth Nissan is known for quality and a high level of service that you would expect from Nissan.

My husband, Patrick and I would like to express what a great experience we had at your dealership.  Phillip Bergeron was very helpful and knowledgeable about your vehicles.  He did not pressure us as so many car salesman do.  This is our first experience with a Nissan and we are pleased so far. I would also like to say a word about Michael who helped us with the paperwork.  She was also very knowledgeable and friendly.  Overall our experience has been great and we will recommend you to our family and friends.  Thanks so much!

Debbie and Patrick Berman
Boyd, Tx 76023

Mr Bowers,

I had a rather bad experience at one of your fellow Nissan dealerships. The salesman there listed the vehicle online at a discount but added about 5k in fees and bogus options, and then somehow arranged a really high interest rate.  He basically made it necessary for me to buy the vehicle to find out what he was charging me. 

By the time I contacted your salesman I was pretty frustrated at being swindled like that.  George and Jordan sold me the exact vehicle I had been looking at-same color even.  The cost was substantially lower and all the numbers worked out clearly, and the interest rate of the financing is even lower than the pre-qualification rate I received. 

I know you can't please everyone all the time, but if that is the usual level of service at your dealership, you've should be proud of yourselves.  After all the hassle I had just gone through, I appreciated very much the honest straightforward manner with which George and Jordan conducted the deal.  I feel like I got more than my money's worth-that's how I should feel after spending nearly $40k on a new car.  At the other place I felt like I had just received a tax bill, so thank you very much.  I will certainly recommend your business to others and you'll be my first stop if I'm ever in the market again.

All the best,

Rory McKnight

Irving, Tx.


Mr. Bowers,
Service is not something that exists anymore - at least, that's my view point.   However,  I got a real shock when I brought my new Frontier in for a couple of minor corrections.
I'm closer to 80 than 79 and I grew up when SERVICE was expected.  A company didn't last long if they had poor service.
My son, from Frisco, bought me a new Frontier from FWN, Saturday, April 5.   I brought it in the following Tuesday and Ron A. said he would have to order the part and I should call the first part of this week to make an appointment.
   When I called yesterday ( Apr 15) to make an appointment,  I told Ron that I would have to make arrangements with someone to bring me back to my office  -- he replied,  'No problem, we'll take you back to your office and then come get you when the Frontier is ready'.    Wow!!, I didn't expect that.   He acted as though it was something that they did all the time.    I had 2 different drivers  - very pleasant & all business.   From the few folks I came in contact with --- they were very nice & ask if they could help me - you need to keep them!
It's been a long time since I had a 'warm feeling' about any Company - it' nice that there is, at least, 1 old fashioned company in Fort Worth.

Wilburn Long

Willow Park, Tx.



I had a great car buying experience. I did not come in that day intending to leave in a new car. You guys made me an offer I could not refuse, and I am driving a really nice car today.


Michael D. Korenman, MD

Fort Worth, Tx.


Good morning Matt,

As you can see we ended up buying 2 vehicles with your dealership. I just wanted to give another big thank you to all involved with the experience.

Tobe Carillo, Sean O'Reilly, Alex Puerto, Kenneth & Alvin in finance. All five of these gentleman went above & beyond to make our car buying experience a memorable one. It was the best experience we've ever had.

Thank you,

The Badr Family

Fort Worth, Tx.


Hello Mr. Bowers,

Erwin Caday was an exceptional sales person. He walked us through the buying process at a pace we could keep up with and went over every aspect of the contract.  The car was ready and waiting when all the papers were signed and Erwin went over the car and all of its bells and whistles from bumper to bumper.  We never felt pressured and if we ever decide to buy another car Fort Worth Nissan will be our first stop.

Thanks again for the great experience,

Karen Wood
Ft Worth, Tx.

Another Happy customer at Fort Worth Nissan!

Hi Matt,

We have the van!  A little difficult trying to get the paperwork done but I have to tell you that Ashley Bush saved the
day and got creative - very sharp woman!  Jordan is also a real asset for you guys - did everything he could to take
care of us while we waited.

You are a man or your word and both Mike and I are impressed with your desire to have satisfied customers -- many

Sally Strong
Bravo Events and Catering
Southlake, Tx.

Great customer service at Fort Worth Nissan!
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Good morning Mr. Bowers,

I am writing this email to you because of the wonderful service that my wife and I received at Nissan of Fort Worth.  Our experience - contrary to the stereotype of car salespeople/dealerships - was made positive due to the courteous, genuinely friendly, and extremely helpful staff.

You should find pride in knowing that one of your team members in particular, Ezzy, has solidified my wife and I as for-life customers as long as Nissan of Fort Worth remains represented by dealers of her caliber.  While shopping around for our first brand new vehicle, the disparity between Nissan of Fort Worth and other dealers was quite clear.  Ezzy exemplified this disparity with her personable nature, attention to detail, and comprehensible understanding of what it takes to go beyond customer satisfaction.  I strongly believe that Ezzy - along with all of your other salespeople - is able to shine because of the apparent confidence she has in the sales manager and dealership.  Elliott is a textbook example of what it takes to be a fine manager; trust in his team and an unwavering devotion to the customer's needs.

Your commitment to customer happiness and comfort does not go unnoticed.  My wife, son, and I will enjoy many miles inside our new Xterra Pro4X.  I'm already looking forward to purchasing our 2nd vehicle through your company.

Best regards,

Joshua, Honie, and Jackson Sidin

Ft Worth, Tx.


ll I can say is thank u to Fred and the dealership for making our purchase great.  Fred was nice and we felt comfortable dealing with him. He didn't pressure us and was honest with us. Unlike other dealerships that give u the runaround, y'all didn't. I will be sure to recommend y'all to my friends and I we ever need another Nissan, well drive 5 hrs to u to buy it. 

Thanks, Nelson Licon

Midland, TX

Thank you for your email. I have to tell you that you have a quality group of people there at your dealership. Everyone made me feel right at home and was very helpful. I have bought many new cars in my life and have to tell you that this was my first experience with a Nissan and it was by far the best experience I have ever had purchasing a new vehicle. Pete Ballard was super nice and very knowledgeable. I cannot say enough about him. He talked to me like I have known him my whole life. He may not think he did, but I am a very shy person and he was very easy to talk to. I have already given his name and number to my insurance agent, so when she is ready she knows where to go.

Thanks again for the awesome service!!!!

Tammy Harrison

Fort Worth, Tx.

I went to Nissan to the Used cars to have my car appraised by Johnny Utah and Berron Ware. As a result Johnny and Berron showed me a newer Altima. The two were helpful despite my situation of not being in the previous car long, but worked very deligently to try and put me in a newer car. Although they weren't able to put me in a used car, Johnny and Berron didn't stop there, they walked me to the new cars, where Berron and Johnny assisted Jose Carreon with helping me get into a new car. As a result, I left with a brand new car and had the best experience with the best sales people. I appreciate the effort shown by all three guys. Berron also cleaned out my previous car while I signed my paperwork and put all my personal belongings in the new car the same way they were in the old car. Jose also the next day showed me all the features on the car. These guys were awesome and I greatly appreciated it and will recommend all three of them, as well as Nissan of Fort Worth to all others.


Nichole Washington
Ft. Worth, Tx
October 4, 2013


I wanted to make you aware of pleasant car buying experience I had at your dealership today. Normally I dread the "car buying/negotiating game", which is why I have put it off for several months. I always do my homework and visit several dealerships before I will sit down to negotiate, and today was no different. However, today, I did not have to kick, scream, and go down fighting to get a fair deal.

Both Andrew and Nick treated me with respect, gave me a fair price for my vehicle, and offered a fair price for the Juke I was looking for. I did not have to go through the long hair pulling game of negotiating. I told them what I would take for my 2011 Rouge, and what I was willing to pay for the 2013 Juke, and POOF, the deal was done.

You have 2 wonderful employees who know how to treat a lady, and you should be proud to have Andrew and Nick representing the Ft. Worth Nissan group. (Andrew did all the work with me, and Nick approved the deal)

Even though I did not drive off the lot with MY Juke, I am confident that it will be delivered as ordered, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! Thank you again for making today such a pleasant car buying experience.

Lisa B. Scruggs
Benbrook, Tx
September 3, 2013

Pass it on, once again, the service was excellent, as follows:
Did not have to wait for a service rep, one came right out, and Jessica picked up where he left off. So nice not to have to wait.
Service done in a timely fashion, did not have to sit and wait all day, completed within the hour, that is great.
Courteous, attentive service from Jessica, no beating around the bush, got right to it.
She remembered both myself and my other car, as she took care of me a few weeks ago, good to know you are remembered, much more personal.
See you all soon, and thanks a lot, I prefer Jessica when I come, she is proficient

John Vallie
Fort Worth, Tx
October 21, 2013

I brought my 2013 Rogue in for service last Thursday August 29, 2013. As usual the service, from the service advisor (Ron Abrahamson) through everyone else doing everything that needed to be done was truly outstanding. I can't say enough good about these guys. To say I am pleased is a definite understatement!